Epic Teacake
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So our next idea was to use a great British dessert, Angel delight for the filling. This worked fantastically! We made another chocolate bowl using the method above, which was already chilled which made a great place to pour 4 packets of vanilla Angel delight into (using slightly less milk than suggested on the packet to avoid runny Angel Delight). This was then put in the fridge for a couple of hours to set (upside down).

The shortbread base was then placed onto top of the chocolate bowl a little extra chocolate melted and used to fix the base to the upside down bowl. This was then put in the fridge again to set and fuse together.

The moment of truth came when the entire tea cake was turned upside down (short and sweet "flipping" is the way to go).

And Voila!! One EpicTea Cake!!!!

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