Damn Good Danish
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The still rather slimy dough mixture was rolled out into a long thin strip, coated in the butter sugar concoction, and sprinkled with the friut and nuts.

The sheet of dough was rolled up into a sausage, containing the filling inside, and then coiled into the classic Danish shape.

This was left to rise in the oven for about half an hour, and then it was ready for baking! All it took was a little glazing (just egg yolk and water whisked together)and a sprinkle of nuts and raisins, and the pastry was ready to be baked.

Just twenty minutes later, and my God how it had grown! Our little Danish was now the size of a dinner plate, and after a drizzling of icing, and the customary cherry on top (ours was 4 cherries stuck together), this was surely a pretty Damn Good Danish!

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