Chocolate Eclair
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Next the melting of the chocolate.No need for too much description here, you know the drill. Having quite a lot of cream left over we whacked some in but it made it all weird and lumpy - no good can come from messing with chocolate outside of a pimp situation.

The toffee was now nicely set, and in went the chocolate. Back in the freezer for a few hours.

To seal the 2 halves together we very technically heated up a knife and used the heat to seal the two halves together. VOILA. Eat your heart out Jean Christophe.

Now for the customary comparison and cross section shots! it was quite warm in our kitchen, and the toffee started going soft, we think we put too much cream in at the toffee melting stage, but we are keeping it in the fridge and eating it in small tastes FAB!

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