Caramel and Rice Crispie Square
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It all started with my reputation for making cakes at work and a need to raise money for charity. Someone suggested I Pimp a Snack. After a quick wip round £23 was gathered for ingredients and suggestions for the Pimp were made. I decided to Pimp a Caramel Rice Crispie Square on a giant scale. I was lucky that I had a friend I could borrow an A1 catering roasting tin, stove and two giant pans. We cut up the Caramel Rice Crispie Square into well over 100 big pieces and raised £127 for Tickled Pink.


10 Bags of Toffees @ 49p = £4.90 10 Bags Marshmallows @ 68p = £6.80 5 500g Tubs of Marg @ 47p = £2.37 6 600g Rice Snaps @ £1.28 = £6.40 4 150g Blocks Chocolate @ 64p = £2.56

Total £23.03

You will also need: A1 size catering roasting tin lined with greaseproof paper 2 big catering pans Wooden spoon.

Here's how to do it - it takes about an hour.

Unwrap all the toffees and put 5 bags in each pan along with 5 bags of marshmallows in each pan. Add half the marg to each pan.

Melt down the ingredients until they are liquid - this takes abit of time and be careful not to burn it to the side of the pans.

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