Birthday Boost
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You Need…..

2 bags of soft toffees, although we only used the equivalent of one bag, the rest we either gave to the boys playing computer games, and excess molten goo was given as a present of sorts for a good guy! (227g bags Tesco's)
20 (yep – count em) Boost Bars
250g Dairy Milk
Some milk – we weren’t precise!
Several bowls, wooden spoon, knife, greaseproof paper, pan
Time, patience and an iron will….

Approximate Cost: £11

1 – On a beautiful and sunny day (at last!!) my boyfriend Pete (who was treating me to this chocolate pimp as a result of seeing me turn into a raving addicted chocolate with chocolate with chocolate weirdo) and I walked to Tesco's.. We got all the ingredients bar the actual boosts – it was with horror and dejection that we cursed the superstore’s inadequacy. Fortunately we were able to get 20 bars from a couple of corner shops.

2 – Not seen – unwrap all the toffees, no we didn’t race – we conserved that energy for the unwrapping of the boost bars! After peeling the blue wrappers off, we recommend you cut the end off the bars to make dissecting them easier and quicker- although you may find yourself eating the discs that result from this exercise…cue stomach clutching!

3 – Use a knife to cut a seam length-ways along the entire base, then attempt to peel away the chocolate and toffee layer while preserving the deliciousness within. Unfortunately we were unable to end up with a single unbroken bar, humph.

3 – Upon seeing exactly how much chocolate and toffee was left over, a diversionary course was taken…

4 – We used the traditional hob melting method to melt the outer layers down, a bit of milk was added to make it smoother – at this moment in time it may be wise to remind y’all that melted chocolate and toffee does not go onto fingers to be inserted into mouth – unless you like pain in a sadomasochistic way – in which case – go ahead!

5 – Not shown in the first picture – we bought a bag of own bran crispy pop thingies, and mixed as much as we could into the molten mixture.

6 – The mixture was hand rolled into balls of varying sizes, not really that much of a sticky job because of the toffee grease. Stuck the balls into the fridge after snaffling a few!

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