2lb Toffee Crisp
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5 x 200g Tesco value chocolate bars (and yes, we are cheap!)
1 x box of Tesco "Rice Snaps"
1 x bag of Tesco toffee

Assorted kitchen utensils and a fridge/freezer/cool wet sack (came in very handy!)

We didn't really have a plan, so we just blagged it and this is what happened.....

We lined our tin with greaseproof paper, so that later removal was easier, and melted 2 bars of chocolate in the microwave.

Pour said chocolate into the tin and voila! mould complete

So that we had maximum side coverage (sidage, if you will) we "painted" the chocolate up the sides of the tin as it dried (kinda dull, but necessary!)
Hastily put the mixture into the fridge, so it slightly hardens.

Then we needed toffee....and lots of it. So we melted down the entire bag of Tesco toffee (important REMOVE WRAPPERS!!) which created a very large gooey mess.

Pour half of the toffee into the tin, which started re-melting the chocolate - didn't think of that one beforehand! So we had a slight panic, involving quick pouring into the tin, and putting it straight back into the fridge!

Then, from our "dissection" of a normal toffee crisp, we discovered we needed toffee and rice mixed together! Sop we mixed a lorra lot of rice snaps with toffee and mixed like we'd never mixed before!!

Pour the sticky goo-ness into the tin

and, guess what....back in the fridge!!

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