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Ferocious Flake

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Well I am very pleased with myself, my first two pimps get onto the leaderboard.
(Please vote generously on Billionaire’s Shortbread & Colossal Cookie) Inspiration
for my third attempt had to come from the ice cream man, ice cream, no too
runny and sticky, waffle cone, no point without the ice cream, chocolate
flake. Bullseye.

All that is needed for this one is ten 250g bars of chocolate and a custom
made mould.

First step. Line the mould with cling film, I took the ends off to make access

Next melt some of the chocolate, only about half a bar at a time and pipe
it into the mould in rows. Send it to the fridge to set.

The next row should be zig zag to allow air and to support the weight of
the following layers of creamy goodness. Again back to the fridge.

All thats left to do now is repeat, repeat, repeat, alternating between straight
rows and the supporting zig zag ones leaving it to set in the fridge inbetween
each row.

At a glance this pimp appears to be quite simple, however the time and dedication
needed to create this monster is well quite a bit. ( The recovery time after
eating it all in one sitting is longer though)

Now it is time for the all important nutritional information.

Normal flake:

Kcal – 180
Fat – 10.5g

Salmonella – Trace

Ferocious flake:

Kcal – 13,125
Fat – 770g

Salmonella – not worth thinking about.


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