Juggernaut Yorkie
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10 200g bars of chocolate
1 bottle of edible gold paint
2 Yorkie bars (for comparison)
1 toy plastic lorry (for effect)

Do you remember the days when (according to the adverts) men just kept on trucking and their Yorkie was ‘Good, rich and thick – a milk chocolate brick’?

We did, and a shiny, stylishly gold embossed 2kg bar has emerged to celebrate the Yorkie dream, show up today’s 68g weakling and prove that Yorkies really ARE for girls !

Stage One: Plan, eat some Yorkie, plan, plan a bit more and then shop (ok we got carried away and bought extra edible gold paint ‘cos it sparkled and apparently might need to be thinned with vodka…We didn’t use it though so technically it can’t count).

Stage Two: This is where team work started to come into it’s own – one pair of hands to perfect a foil mould for our base using an old pizza box and quite a lot of foil (the tough job) and another to melt all the chocolate (the messy, but rather nice job).

Stage Three: One of the highlights we think – just look at the chocolate pouring technique as we fill five mini-loaf tins (our Yorkie bricks) and our cardboard / foil base mould. Resisting temptation we saved a little chocolate for stage seven…

A note to future Yorkie-pimpers here – don’t overfill your Yorkie bricks – a little bit of space makes it much easier to turn them out of the moulds at the end.

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