Chocolate Eclair
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2 x 200g bag dairy toffee
2 x 200g milk chocolate
tablespoon double cream
Bag of Cadburys eclairs for inspiration

Approx cost £4.17 if you get ripped off at Somerfield where they don't do value chocolate. We advise Tescos.

Grandma's favourite - the eclair. Grandad has his Werthers, but Grandma is a woman, and in a stroke of genius hid a mini universe of the wonder that is chocolate inside. A bit of a rebel in snack terms, with the chocolate on the inside rather than being the coating, but we think we can pimp this baby in style!

We decided to start with the toffee shell so we started by melting down our dairy toffees with the cream .... we had forgotten that toffees tend to come individually wrapped, so allow time for unwrapping... you can also make a mound with the left over wrappers..... back to the pimp!!

For the mould, we used 2 medium bowls and 2 smaller ones, and lined them with parchment paper - that's just greased greaseproof paper I later found out, thinking it was something special for a while...

We poured the melted toffee into the medium bowls and then pushed the smaller bowls inside to create the well for the universe of chocolate to be added later. And whacked them in the freezer for a few hours.

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