White Mouse
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I layered up the chocolate a bar at a time, coating the sides each time so there wouldn’t be a join, and setting it in the fridge. When it was half-full I gave the mould a twist and the rabbit slipped out easily – that was a relief!

Once it was set and out of the mould, it was very definitely a rabbit and not a mouse. It was at this point I should have stopped…

I tried various techniques of carving and using the back of a hot spoon to melt away rabbit ears and smooth over joins. It didn’t work. People kept saying the ears needed to be bigger, so in the end and in a fit of pique I stuck two unused squares of white chocolate on the ears and called it a day.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present: the Giant White Guineapig!

And from my birthday night out – Pimped Giant White Rodent, Jaffa Cakes, party ring biscuit and one of those things with the white chocolate and the hundreds-and-thousands that we called skiffle disks, but everyone know by a different name.

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