Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake
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One day there was a very hungry small caterpillar cake called Eric. He searched and searched the land for the finest foods and in the end he found:

1kg self raising flour
6tbsp cocoa powder
800g sugar
725g margarine
6tbsp golden syrup
1pt milk
10 eggs
1 large jar chocolate spread
1 small jar seedless jam
1 bag minstrels
8 large bars plain chocolate
1 large bar of white chocolate
1 packet chocolate fingers

And this is what he did with them:

In the first hour;
He enlisted the help of two unsuspecting slaves to aid him in his quest and made four chocolate sponge cakes using a secret family recipe using no eggs!

In the second hour;
Using the aforementioned slaves he cooked up 4 more sponges, this time plain ones after a dispute as to whether the insides of a caterpillar are brown or cream. This time a more traditional cake making method was used. But still, testing and licking of bowls was required.

In the third hour;
He sat back and admired the work of his slaves, eight perfect sponges.

Then he made a perfect replica of his face in white chocolate with a hint of yellow colouring and left this to set in the fridge.

In the fourth hour;
Construction took place, this was a difficult task so a mother slave was required. The chocolate sponges were cemented together with chocolate spread and the plain sponges with jam, having sliced the bottom segments off each. They were then piled together with more chocolate spread to create a leaning tower of sponges which was then lowered gently to its side.

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