Two-tone Monster Mallow
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1 Tub of Haribo Party Marshmallows £1.99
3 Packs of Sainsburys Marshmallow 69p X 3
1 Pack of cornflour 39p
1 Pack of grease proof paper £2.20

Empty tub of marshmallows, line with grease proof paper by using butter to stick to sides. Be careful to make sure that it is nice and even, so you dont get a deformed monster marshmallow.

These are our haribo marshmallows, we melted these first using the microwave. These will give out mallow its yellowey colour :)

Keep melting the mallow and prod it and turn it until gloopy enough to pour into mold.

This is our second pink layer of mallows, made with the Sainsburys marshmallows. Note how it runs off the spoon. (and into our mouths).

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