Two Foot Trio
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Now is the time to start the assembly. Melt some of the chocolate (I did 5 bars at a time and used the bain marie method of a glass bowl containing the chocolate sat on top of a pan of boiling water. The bowl should not be touching the water and the steam from the boiling water is what melts the chocolate.

Pour the melted chocolate into the mould so it covers the 3 cardboard squares (used for the inset) in the bottom of the mould. It should cover the 3 squares by around 5mm.

Allow the chocolate to set in a cool place. Once set, take the caramel squares out of the freezer and add on top of the chocolate, spaced equally apart. Add more melted chocolate around the sides of the caramel squares.

You can now add the shortbread on top of the chocolate/caramel layer.

Keep melting more and more chocolate and adding to the mould until the shortbread is covered by 10mm of chocolate. Allow to set completely in a cool place.

Now we can remove the mould from the set chocolate.

For the “Trio” logo, we melt more chocolate and pour onto some tin foil and spread to a thickness of around 4-5mm and allow to set. Once set carve out the logo. I used various shaped cookie cutters to nibble away bits of chocolate gradually until I had the finished logo. Repeat this so you have 3 logo’s in total.

Using a hairdryer melt the chocolate slightly on the 3 inset squares and push the 3 logo’s into the inset areas. Allow to set again.

The finished bar was then wrapped in gold wrapping paper. The sleeve was created from a scanned actual wrapper found on the internet and cleaned up using photoshop/illustrator and printed out onto card.

And here is the final product being modelled by my good self.

The chocolate bar was not as difficult to cut as first anticipated and here we have the cross section shot.

The Two foot Trio even made it into the local newspaper

And that is that. Until next time. Happy pimping.

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