Top of the Pop Tarts
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The top was covered, and a generous amount of hundreds and thousands were scattered across the top to recreate the weird coloury-sugary crap found on the pop-tart's frosting. Pleased with our work, we retired for the night.

The saga didn't end there. The entire point of a pop-tart is to toast it. Of course, no toaster we had was big enough to take on the giant pop-tart, so we had to find... other means.

The beast went into the grill, and was quickly toasted. Upon investigation afterwards, we realised it made bugger all difference, but we were still left with a delicious-looking snack.

Overall, the Top of the Pop Tarts is about three times as large as its minute counterpart, and contains about 90% less additives, flavourings and cow parts.

There can be only one... ...and it is this one. Success!

Well not really. We suspect that out pastry was a tad too thick, which gave the creation a sponge-like trait. It's likely that homemade sweetcrust pastry would work better, as would a jar full of additives. Problems aside, it's rather tasty, and would go down well with a mug of tea.

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