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Once in the tray, alcohol was consumed, and it was then time for the jam. Normal jam doesn't have the same consistency and taste as the pop-tart filling, so some golden syrup was added to replicate the deliciousness of a barrel of E-numbers. The fruity filling was then pasted onto the base, and more alcohol was consumed.

The top of the tart was rolled out using pastry from the second bag of mix. However, disaster struck (it was about time, too), and a large gash appeared in the pastry whilst attempting to hoist the lid onto the jam.

The dough was rolled again, and, this time, was successfully planted on top of the jam-covered base. Huzzah! A quick knifing shaped the behemoth, and it was ready for cooking.

The pop-tart was placed into a very hot oven (around 220C) for around twenty minutes. It is highly advised that this time is not spent throwing around the excess pastry and generally making a mess. The minutes soon passed, and the beast emerged from the furnace.

It was then left to cool as time was spent watching Doctor Who and playing Guitar Hero. Eventually, we returned to our workshop to create the frosting. The remainder of the icing sugar was mixed with a splash of warm water, as per the instructions on the box. In an ideal world, 500g of icing sugar should give you enough for the pastry and the icing. Thanks to our arseing around, we were running low on icing.

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