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1. The ingredients of doom!

Raw monkey nuts and redskin peanuts, skinned. 720g in total.
Caster Sugar 1kg
140g Glucose Syrup
Water 5 ounces
Butter, at room temperature 3 ounces
15ml Vanilla Essence

Total cost:
Peanuts: £1.54
Butter: 78p
Caster Sugar: £1.70
Vanilla Essence: Borrowed from the cupboard, free!
Glucose Syrup: £2.80.

A grand total of £6.82.

2. After acquiring all the ingredients we skinned the nuts. Skinning nuts was fun…..but began to hurt the fingers after a while. We also roasted the nuts to make them more edible and to make them easier to skin.

3. We buttered a large baking tray; and set it aside. We then smoothed the surface of the tray and laid the nuts on another baking tray.

4. In a large heavy bottomed saucepan we combine the sugar, syrup, water, and butter.

5. We brought to a boil over moderate heat, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon of demise to dissolve sugar. (Trying to stop it from splashing was annoying)

6. Boiled for 3 minutes till it went all brown and tough. The mixture started to go quite tough but then thinned out due to the heat.

7. We then poured the caramel over the peanuts on the tray and left it to set!(Trying to pour caramel and taking a picture at the same time is dangerous.)

8. AHA the finished product Tomzilla! (warning contains peanuts.)


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