Tofftastic Pop
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Step 4.As avid pimpthatsnack readers we know about the peril associated with this often assumed easy task and after much debate we decided on the traditional method of bain maire (bowl over water). Chocolate melted and all that was needed was to drizzle the melted beauty all over our bad boy… feeling cocky, and almost smug we decided on the freezer to help set our chocolate first layer… “Chocolate first layer???” I hear you all shout in unison!! Yes, we took our baby out of the freezer and melted more chocolate while we gave her a short back and sides to ensure identical features to its much loved smaller companion.

Step 5: Pouring the chocolate over the top we needed to get our chocolate lines in place and ensure a half side cover of chocolate around the sides of the biscuit – tricky, but we think we stepped up to the challenge. Back in the freezer for more setting and voila ! Let us present THE TOFFTASTIC POP

We would like to mention and thank the following for their part in today’s fantastic achievements.
Rolling Pin Replacement – The Beer Bottle.
Success in a drink - The Cava and her presenter and original owner Annie B.
The extra condensed milk cans… we couldn’t have done it with out you… and finally, Dr. Maeve for calling time of death on the first batch of Toffy…

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