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The cream was poured into the chilled toffee base and carefully put back into the fridge for 2 hours.

Once they all set they had to be removed from the plastic bowl. And this is the point where the advantage of the disposable form becomes clear. Using kitchen scissors the edge of the bowl was cut at several points and the plastic was removed piece by piece.

To make it look nicer we trimmed the overhanging edge of the toffee with a sharp knife.

And then the final touch was to put the chocolate crown on the top which turned it into the queen of all toffifees in the world.

And the obligatory cross-section:

Doesn’t it look great?
It is almost 50 times heavier (approx. 400g) than its small brother (8.33 g) and has 2150 kcal. It tastes great but after eating 2 boxes of reference we were a little bit fed up…

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