Toffee Crisp 4
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Once the chocolate had set we got the beast out and rolled out some toffee to go on top of it.

Then we melted some more chocolate and put a layer of chocolate all around and filled in all the gaps.

There was a problem however, that we had not anticipated, the chocolate set and stuck fast to the chopping board. A bit of quick thinking and we used our hob to heat up a knife, and cut through it. It was as easy as putting a hot knife through chocolate, which is actually not as easy as putting a hot knife through butter, but crisis averted.

Our finished masterpiece

It’s final weight was 1.8kg, which is 38times larger then the original. We also worked out it had enough calories to sustain a man for 4 ½ straight days, which it did, but it also made us a bit ill.

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