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When we discovered Pimp That Snack, we instantly knew we were going to take part in this World Wide Pimping Project… it was just a question of what we were going to pimp.  After looking up a wide variety of delicious snacks, we opted for the Ambassador’s choice, The Rocher.

For us the key to our Pimping success would lie in the shell (henceforth known as the waff-er).  This alone took a lot of discussion and a few trial runs before the main event.  However, I’m jumping ahead of myself now, so let me start…

First job of the Project was a stop at our local Asda –

2 large bags of hazelnuts
4 packets of ice cream wafers (waff-ers)
4 jars of chocolate spread
8 bars of milk chocolate
Gold wrapping up paper
Brown cardboard and gold pens and stuff to make it look authentic
(We bought more than we used in the end...)

Estimated cost to make - £9.39

Like I said before, we tried a few different ways of perfecting the waff-er and had come up with what we thought was a brilliant solution. We greased two identical bowls up with butter.  We were thinking ahead and thought it would be good to mould the inside of one of the bowls and the outside of the other bowl so that when they dried crispy and waff-er like, one would almost sit on top of the other.  To achieve successful moulding we dipped the ice cream wafers in some boiling water and then began the weaving and moulding to our greasy bowls.

We needed to bake the waff-er halves on a low heat for a long time, so they don’t burn or cook unevenly.  Our main concern was that the individual wafers would not dry together to form one solid shell.  Luckily one of the Pimping team is a Food Science teacher and she came up with the bright idea of painting egg white on to our structure… Quite genius we thought.  So, we pasted some egg white on and put in the oven for a very long time.  A.  Very.  Long.  Time.

We then set to work on making the chocolate spread insides.  Again, we had issues with the sheer size of The Rocher.  Chocolate spread is blinking heavy stuff and we were worried that our fragile shell would not hold under the weight of the stuff.  Going over thoughts in our collective head we came up with the idea of whipping the choc spread to get as much air in to it as possible, as it was important to us to Keep The Rocher Real.

By the way, on the first whisk of choc spread we decided to add a splash of milk to really get it going.  It went nowhere fast and turned it in to a rather stodgy chocolate mess.  We put that to one side and moved on whisking the next jar of chocolate spread with groundnut oil. 

Once that was sorted out came the waff-er shells.  They were then coated with a sugar syrup… then back in the oven they went…

Then came the task of making the monster nut to go in the middle of The Rocher.  We thought it was important to retain the whole hazelnut appeal, and so to make a monster hazelnut we melted chocolate and stuck whole hazelnuts on it, then added a bit more melted choc and repeat process times loads and you end up with something like this…

See lighter purely for scale purposes.

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