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McDonald’s Apple Pie

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After pimping a custard cream and a colleague pimping a cola bottle, our boss decided we should captain sides in a team building event. Heading up the ‘Mockney Sparrows’ we left it until the final hour to choose our pimp after deliberating for weeks amidst plenty of office espionage between the two teams.

Our eventual choice was to Pimp a McDonald’s Apple Pie.

The ingredients were: 5 Bags of short crust pastry mix, two bags of British Bramley apples, one box of ground cinnamon, 3 blocks of butter, 3 eggs, one lemon and brown sugar.

Estimated cost: £24.38

Team Members: Andy, Ian, JohnB, JohnE, Marcella.

First the apples were peeled and chopped in order to create the sauce.

The apples were boiled down along with lemon, sugar and cinnamon.

Next the short crust pastry was mixed with water.

Then rolled out and cut to size.

After spreading on the apple sauce, the pastry was brushed with beaten egg to help bond the top layer of pastry.

The top layer of pastry was laid down and trimmed to size, and then it was glazed with sugar water.

Whilst the apple pie was in the oven we began work on the packaging.

After what seemed an eternity, the pie was finally united with its packaging!

And finally a chance to eat it, which was thoroughly enjoyable, but then I do like cinnamon!


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