The Reese Bowl
by for £1.00

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Large quantities of chocolate, approximately 6 cups.
5 cups of peanut butter.
One cup of butter.
3 tbl spoons of baking sugar.

Total cost: $1.50 CDN (we only needed to by the Reese Cups)

It all started like any ordinary Saturday morning, two friends embarking to finish their grade eight English project. But what do you do when you finish about six hours earlier than planned? Its simple you pimp something. Well we sat, we pondered, we played video games and then it hit us like chocolate on peanut butter! The infamous Reese Cup, oh the almighty Reese Cup. So we got our ingredients ready. Luckily my friend won a 25 pound chocolate bunny for Easter, so we had quiet enough chocolate. The next thing to buy was a pie dish, the most extraordinary and innovative pie dish ever (By that we mean its made out of plastic)

Then we melted the chocolate. (in the microwave.) See it can be done! And pored it into the dish, stuck it in the freezer and let it set.

Now we set out onto the peanut butter. Get a small pot and heat the peanut butter on low. Mix in the butter and baking sugar until gooey mess. Pour the goop out of the pot and spread on dollop on top of the chocolate layer. Make sure the chocolate does not touch the edges. It was at this point that we realized we had created something truly magnificent and pimp worthy.

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