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Colossus Chupa Chup

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Following our success of the Colossus Cola Bottle, another bank holiday arrived and it was time for the Members of Colossus Crew (Anyamoo, LadyLiz, Harry Bo (Tim) and Crew Master M ( Mark)) to reunite for more pimping action.

The cola bottle was created on a bit of the spur of the moment so this time we did some preparation (except for all our preparation we forgot the camera so we had to take the photos on a camera phone, sorry for quality).

We decided that we wanted to continue to only make sweets – and that what was needed next was a Chupa Chup the size of a football.

A recipe was found on the internet (which supposedly made 32 lollipops) so we increased the ingredients by 17 times

1.5kg Granulated Sugar (or 17 Cups) £ 1.43
9 pots of Glucose Syrup (4fl per pot) £ 9.27 (£1.03 per pot)
17 half cups of water Free (courtesy of Thames Water)
3 Tsps Lemon Flavour £ 0.67
5 Tbsp Yellow Colour £ 0.67

Our Mould was made from two Salad Bowls from Woolworths picnic range £0.99p each

As you will see from the pictures we may have used too much colouring as the lolly ended up a bit orange coloured (and although extremely tasty could have stood to have a little more lemon flavouring as it was just sugar flavoured with a hint of lemon)

Recipe calls for the Sugar, Water and Glucose Syrup to be added to a saucepan (choose a saucepan you don’t like hardened molten sugar could probably withstand nuclear attack) It said don’t stir but with such vast quantities of ingredients a little prod around the pan was required.

Stand back and admire your large pan of molten sugar – but don’t stand too far back as it can boil over and now Anyamoo will probably need a new hob

While the sugar is reaching boiling point and beyond (recipe calls for mixture to reach 230oC !!!!!) assemble Mould this was done by drilling a large hole in the base of one of the bowls greasing both bowls and then taping the two bowls together. We fashioned a funnel from a disposable metal tray for easy of pouring.

Once the mixture has reached Molten lava temperatures, remove from heat and add the flavouring and colouring and stir. It is at this point that we realised that the sugar was damm hot and we probably should do the pouring in the garden (which involves walking down the outside stairs from the first floor).

It is at this point that we discover that we had done the maths wrong and had only made enough mixture for a bowl (ie half our ball) cue lots of running around remaking a mould out of smaller picnic bowls that luckily we had purchased at the same time because I though they were nice. One dismantled large mould later we now had to pour the still molten lava sugar from the plastic bowl into the smaller (yet still impressively 100 times bigger than a regular chupa chup) mould.

The first attempt of inserting the plastic stick resulted in a melted stick so we took the mould back to the kitchen so it could cool a little before inserting the stick. Two hours later the Sugar was still pliable but cool enough to insert the stick without it melting. Problem number two the stick kept falling over – solution an ingenious Blue Peter inspired creation featuring mainly cable ties

Leave to cool over night. In morning ruin more kitchen utensils removing the lolly from the mould, because this one made in haste was not greased properly.

Hold aloft and Lick !!!!!!

And be very thankful that the original plans did not work as the current Colossus Chupa Chup weighs half a Stone and still is the size of a newborn babies head, if we had succeeded with the even larger one we would have needed Mr Universe to hold it aloft.

As a finishing touch we created a wrapper out of greased proof paper and chupa chup logo.


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