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The Philip Burger

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The Philip burger;
The burger that’s so big, it has a name.

4 kg of beef, 96 bacon strips, 18 eggs, 2.2kg of flour, 18 sausages, 40 cheese slices.
10kg total weight, 37,000 calories. 330mm diameter by 260mm tall. Total cost = £80.

A baking tray was fabricated from sheet metal using cooking tools that no man should be without; and angle grinder and a mig welder (0.3m x 0.1m).

The layers:
– Bread base
– Bacon weave
– The 4kg burger
– 40 cheese slices
– Two more bacon weaves
– Sliced "chip shop" gherkins
– Sausage omelette
– Home made Jack Daniel’s sawce

The big "P" on top stands for PIMMMPED, and of course the burger’s name; Philip.


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