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Big Boi Pizza

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First we filled that trolley with only the finest ingredients.

Step 1: Pad a deep dish bowl fully with readymade pizza dough mix.

Step 2: Whilst that sits patiently you need to get cutting and pre-cooking the fillings. We opted for sausage, burger, chicken nuggets, pepperoni, salami, bacon, tomato puree and plenty of cheese!

Step 3: Paste the bottom of the dough with a generous layer of tomato puree

Step 4: Start to fill that bad boy up! We already lightly cooked some of the ingredients.

Step 5: Be sure to strategically layer the ingredients, being sure to add a layer of tomato puree and cheese where necessary.

Step 6: Top it off with a layer of bacon and pepperoni!

Step 7: You need to now seal the ingredients inside with another layer of dough across the top. The overhanging dough is then rolled upwards to make the crust. We stuffed ours with salami because we go all out!

Step 8: Make a pizza on top of this dough lid. That’s a layer of tomato puree, cheese, and any leftover ingredients.

Step 9: Let it slowly cook in the oven. Make sure to rotate it every now and then for an even cooking on the dough.

Step 10: Slice him up and enjoy the deepest filled pizza you’ll ever consume!


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