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Super-Smartie (with video!)

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After many heated discussions over which snack to pimp, we finally settled on the chocolate bastion of childhood, Nestlé Smarties (Love Hearts were considered at one point but then it was decided that 20lb of chocolate would be far more fun to eat at the end).

The ingredients were:
15 x Tesco Milk Cooking Chocolate Bars
Icing Sugar
Various food colourings
A pack of Smarties (this was for both reference and to provide us with the energy needed for such a gruelling task)
Orange Juice (though this wasn’t a good idea and we don’t recommend it…)

Estimated Cost: £5.91

Some creative mastery in the enlarged wrappings:


All the chocolate was lovingly melted 3 bars at a time and was then poured into several bowls. It was here that we grew over-confident and decided to make a chocolate orange Smartie by adding orange juice. Needless to say this made the mixture seperate and form some kind of mutant chocolate which still to this day hasn’t set in the freezer.

After leaving the mixtures to set we began the arduous task of retrieving said frozen mixture from the bowls. Each bowl contained half a smartie which was placed on a cup for the ‘glazing stage’ as we refferred to it. The crispy shell mixture was coloured with food colouring and left to set. Each Smartie required a few coats to ensure crunch, smoothness of shell and vividness of colour as a lumpy Smartie would simply not do.

Once set each half was melted together using a warm spoon (a warm knife would suffice) and the edges covered over with the leftover shell mixture. Once dried it was time to hold them and make yourself feel reaaaalllyyyyy small……

A summary of the pimp is available in video on the next page >>>>

Here is a great little video of the pimping process for this excellent Smartie pimp!

See and comment on the original video on YouTube:


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