Super Goo Egg
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Stage One: A Cracking Start

To make my oversized creme egg, I used a regular Easter egg for a starting point. I split it into two halves (I actually bought two eggs in case I fractured the first but thankfully I didn’t need it). However, because chocolate eggs aren’t particularly thick (infact, I swear they used to be thicker when I was younger…that being said apparently creme eggs used to be larger too) I felt it necessary to reinforce my egg using yet more chocolate. After I melted a bar of regular chocolate, I spread it within the Easter egg, and put it in the freezer to set (I’m impatient!!). After repeating this a few times, I had a sturdier egg.

Stage Two: The Cavity Filling

My fondant making skills aren’t up to much, so I decided to extract the filling of 22 regular creme eggs and filled the Easter egg. Cracking the eggs wasn’t as hard as I first expected…

But then I got too cocky.

Stage Three: Seal ‘Em Up

Plain and simple, I spread some melted chocolate along the edge of each egg halve, and stuck them together. I put it back in the plastic packaging it came in and left it in the fridge for a few weeks (it was lent).

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