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Spam Fritter

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Francine Baker of Francine’s Fish & Chip Shop in Plymouth made this after several attempts, it measures 18 inches long and weighs 3 kilos. It took Francine a week to make and she used 12 cans of SPAM.

First step:
Slice 12 x 340gs cans of SPAM Chopped Pork & Ham (nice and thick of course) and lay on a big clean surface.

Second step:
Mix up Francine’s best batter mix in an industrial sized bowl.

Third step:
cover the entire SPAM front, back and sides with the batter mix.

Fourth step:
It took six people to delicately drop into the deep fat fryer and cook til crispy.

Fifth step:
Carefully remove from the deep fat fryer using a number of cooking tongs and display for all to see.

Cheers and we hope you like it!

Sue and Francine


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