Souped-up Sherbet Saucer
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5. Finally! Two dry and (so)solid spaceship halves. Now all that was left to do was fill them with delicious sherbet and attach the top and bottom together with more icing-glue.

6. Voila! Look at that! Look at it dwarfing that chair! Perspective you say? Shhhh! Any glucose based extra terrestrial would be proud to own it.

7. But wait…… yes it’s bigger, yes it’s a miracle of modern engineering but is it sufficiently pimped? When people “pimp their rides” they don’t end up driving around in an enormous Nova do they? No! No self respecting XXXXXX would dream of indulging in their favoured activity of racing down the high street of a small rural town, tyres squealing, hurling digestive biscuits at passers by* without some classy additions to their vehicle.
*Perhaps this is just my town? But still, it’s proof (as if proof were needed) that snacking and pimping go hand in hand.

The most popular alterations seem to be spoilers, enormous exhausts, speakers, window tints and alloys but with spaceships not having wheels, a front/back, windows and indeed travelling in a vacuum rendering speakers pointless (maybe this isn’t the time to consider the word “pointless” Sarah) there was only one way to go. That’s right, neon under lights. Strictly speaking, these glow sticks aren’t edible which probably violates some pimping code but hey, the label says “non-toxic” and that’s good enough for me.

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