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Making a giant snickers!

With bordom hitting us large and fast, we decided to head over to Tesco’s for some late night shopping… which then ended up as a trip to buy ingredients for a giant marathon (or snickers as it’s known now)


– nougat x 2
– peanuts
– chocolate 200g x 6
– tin of condensed milk

Create carmel

As we are blokes we know nothing about cooking, the only thing we do know is heating things up… which came in handy when the guy at Tesco advised us that carmel can be made by heating a can of condensed milk (not evaporated!!!)
This advise would have been super handy since we spent over an hour looking for pure carmel that we could just pour!

Heat pan with boiling water, let simmer with open tin of condensed milk, simmer for 1+ hours or until it goes thick and brown

Prep the peanuts

Since the supermarket decided to only stock up on kg bags of peeled peanuts we decided to opt for the small bags which were not peeled and were still in their original cases!!!

So whilst slapping on the TV we cracked on with de-shelling and de-skinning the monkey nuts… 1+ hours later, we were there!

Crack open the monkey nuts and peel away the skin, repeat for 1+ hours again 🙁

Bottom layer

This is super easy… heating things comes in use again 😛

Boil some water in a pan, simmer and place chocolate (3 bars) in a bowl then in the pan. When melted place in a container and let it set in the refridgiator.

Middle layer

This is were all the insides and funny business goes… nuts, nougat and carmel… mmmm

Place nougat bars (in hindesight we should have grabbed 4 bars of nougat and use the white half of them, or just make the nougat from scratch…) on top of chocolate and then pour the carmel and nuts on top of this, refridgiate again

Top layer

To close the whole deal off… and finish the bar off….

Melt the remaining 3 bars and pour on top… yep, refridgate again



Defridgate for hours and cut with very sharp knife or saw 😛
(As you can see we could only cut the top layer and then had to snap the rest… hence the smoothness of the bottom cut)


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