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Well, as our first pimp (as I'm sure we'll be doing more) we decided we needed to do something aussie, we're from Adelaide. We also wanted to do something that had never been done before. Not realising the Arnotts Mint Slice had already been done until after we finished sucked but we got over it. We thoroughly tested *cough cough* mint slices and came up with these mass quantities of ingredients.

Unfortunately, half of the photos have mysteriously disappeared including the ingredients photo which we spent ages setting up a good angle lol...

Local Coles, Woolies and Foodland (had to compare and get a bargain)

8 x blocks of Coles Belgian Chocolate (standard 275gm or whateva cant remember) $12
2kg x Flour $2.50
2 x bags of 500gm icing sugar $5
3 x 500gm butter $10
peppermint essence 99c
cadbury cooking cocoa powder

Im not too sure on those prices (lost receipt) but it turned out to $28.75 AU or about £14 for u english people.

First blend estimated half of butter, sugar and flour in processor to make shortbread, also cocoa. Lots of flour, we failed massively first time :(. Spread on pizza sized pan and bake for about 20 mins.

Take out and cool.

Melt half of chocolate by banging mary or something that crawfy said, just melt it however you want.

Pour over the biscuit, this will be the bottom of the mint slice.

While its solidifying in freezer, make the minty cream, rather minty butter lol. Cream the butter with rest of sugar and most of peppermint essence, we dare you to drink some pure. Its great really, who needs wrigleys?

Turn over bicuit and spread mint cream in a dome shape, we didnt actually need that much but o well.

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