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We have done nothing but talk pimp for weeks now and we found the perfect excuse:
Sam is leaving our office so we decided to give her a send off that she would remember us after she had scon (hee hee).

Ingredients were simple

SR Flour (bag and a bit)
Baking Soda (couple of teaspoons)
Sugar Couple of table spoons
Milk (3/4 of a pint)
Salt (pinch)
An Egg
For The Green Stuff:
Icing Sugar (a lot)
Butter (a big dollop)
Green food colouring for grass effect (at least I think it was food colouring)

We divided into two teams – Team A (Kelly and Ian) created the base material (scone mixture and lots of it) whilst Team B (Sue) concentrated on special effects (green stuff).

Team A cracked on one evening after work and Kelly got her hands dirty to make a massive sconey mound.
This was not without personal cost as her hands became encrusted with gakky scone stuff - completely obscuring her designer nails.

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