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We have done nothing but talk pimp for weeks now and we found the perfect excuse:
Sam is leaving our office so we decided to give her a send off that she would remember us after she had scon (hee hee).

Ingredients were simple

SR Flour (bag and a bit)
Baking Soda (couple of teaspoons)
Sugar Couple of table spoons
Milk (3/4 of a pint)
Salt (pinch)
An Egg
For The Green Stuff:
Icing Sugar (a lot)
Butter (a big dollop)
Green food colouring for grass effect (at least I think it was food colouring)

We divided into two teams – Team A (Kelly and Ian) created the base material (scone mixture and lots of it) whilst Team B (Sue) concentrated on special effects (green stuff).

Team A cracked on one evening after work and Kelly got her hands dirty to make a massive sconey mound.
This was not without personal cost as her hands became encrusted with gakky scone stuff – completely obscuring her designer nails.

After baking, the massive mound was ready to be turned out – we needed experienced hands for such a delicate operation so we press ganged Kelly’s Nan into service

Next we created the standing stones – these needed careful trimming after the event to ensure archaeological accuracy.

The next day we met up with team B and began on site construction
This was a highly technical effort requiring a great deal of teamwork (and several cocktail sticks for structural support)

We were delighted with the outcome and the whole team gazed in awe at our confectionary construction.

With the presentation duly made it was time to begin excavations and digest the evidence.

Verdict: A monumental experience for only around £10


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