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Rice Crispy Cake

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When I was about, 4 my mum taught me how to make the simple cakes, as I am not the biggest fan of sponge cakes. At all!

So over the past 10 years I have began to adapt it to my own.

2 years ago me and my friend – E-Meister started pimping crispy’s for friends as presents. A bit lame. But hey!

Step 1) Get up early and go to Co-Op. Buy –

Brand Name “Crisp Rice” £1.59
Bars Of Milk Chocolate £1.98
1 bag of peanut m&m’s 1.69
1 bag of maltesers 1.69 (but there was a saving!! So I got £1.10 off!)#

Step 2) break up squares of chocolate and put into jug. Put into microwave (im just too lazy to do it the correct way!) for 1-minute intervals and after each minute try to mix with fork. It took me 1 minute and 20 seconds in a 950 watt microwave.

Step 3) In between waiting for chocolate to melt and forking, empty packet of “crisp rice” into large mixing bowl. I used about…half of the packet. So there’s plenty left for breakfast.

Step 4) Now. Spoon the melted chocolate into the bowl. It looks like a big bowl of maggots… but it tastes a lot better.

Step 5) Keep stirring. Should look a bit like this afterwards…

Step 6) put foil onto surface. I sellotaped 2 bits together so it could be bigger than the average-Joe crispy.

Step 7) Get a big spoon (a floating one in my case) which is meant for vegetables…I think…and spoon out chunks of the crispy mix and put onto foil. Flatten it out and make into appropriate shape.

Step 8) Put on maltesers/M&m’s wherever. I threw them on and they magically went to an appropriate word – PIMP!

Stop 9) DON’T go out. Or else family will devour cake. Sit and watch it till it dries. Then devour it yourself.


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