Rice Crispy Cake
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When I was about, 4 my mum taught me how to make the simple cakes, as I am not the biggest fan of sponge cakes. At all!

So over the past 10 years I have began to adapt it to my own.

2 years ago me and my friend – E-Meister started pimping crispy’s for friends as presents. A bit lame. But hey!

Step 1) Get up early and go to Co-Op. Buy –

Brand Name “Crisp Rice” £1.59
Bars Of Milk Chocolate £1.98
1 bag of peanut m&m’s 1.69
1 bag of maltesers 1.69 (but there was a saving!! So I got £1.10 off!)#

Step 2) break up squares of chocolate and put into jug. Put into microwave (im just too lazy to do it the correct way!) for 1-minute intervals and after each minute try to mix with fork. It took me 1 minute and 20 seconds in a 950 watt microwave.

Step 3) In between waiting for chocolate to melt and forking, empty packet of “crisp rice” into large mixing bowl. I used about…half of the packet. So there’s plenty left for breakfast.

Step 4) Now. Spoon the melted chocolate into the bowl. It looks like a big bowl of maggots… but it tastes a lot better.

Step 5) Keep stirring. Should look a bit like this afterwards…

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