Reese's Nutrageous
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7. So lay melty caramel on wax paper and roll around peanutty goodness. Freeze until frozen.

8. Slather peanuts on caramel, which won't work but I'll tell you to do this anyways, just because I want you to suffer.

9. Melt chocolate in ghetto double boiler. Mix in the rest of the peanuts.

10. Again with the slathering on to the tube of amazing wonder!

11.This is how it fit in my freezer after all the chocolate and peanuts were added. One of my roomates thought it was a dead animal. I told him that it was. He was pleasently surprised when we gave some to him.

12. It's an eight pound bouncing baby boy!

13.As we are near our college getting the wrapper printed was easy in the digital imaging studio. The cardboard insert is poster board, for that authentic look.

14. We made it six inches to small but the second time around was fine. Comparison in size! It was taped together with double sided tape, and the ends we cut with scissors.

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