Raspberry Ruffle
by for £7.40

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This Is Leonora and Rachael and You've just been Ruffled!


3 bags of deccinated coconut - 99p each
4 tesco value chocolate 200g - 46p each
1 tin condensed milk - £1.30
Crusha Raspberry flavour milkkshake - £1.09

all together....about £7.40.

Step by step guide.....

1. After making it through suspicious glares and the odd child peeping around the corner in Tesco (probably due to the fact we were wearing asda uniforms!) we got necessary ingredients to the sexiest pimp and heading over to the checkouts to pay £7.40, in cash of course, true pimp style! The elusive raspberry ruffle was a foetus ready to make its way into the world.

2. Steal your mothers finest crockery, (which also happens to be the biggest funnily enough) as well as your brothers right arm for some man power and get this hot mama started...might as well make it a family affiair. Mix the condensed milk and coconut and stir til the cows come home.

3. Add a few tablespoons of the "secret" ingredient mwahh hah hahahahaaa! Raspberry milkshake mix...shhhhh!

4. Pop in the oven for a few minutes on high heat but DON'T do what Rachael did and burn the top!!!!! If this does happen - just pick the bits off and dump them...in your mouth!

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