Quite Big Pink Wafer
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10) While they're drying out in the oven, dress your chin up to look like your favourite British Sea Power Fan, Watch the X-Factor and make yourselves a lovely dinner of Pasta and Tomato Sauce.

11) Disect the original wafers, and sample the filling in order to figure out exactly how the filling is made up. Announce "It tastes of nothing and has a slight grainy texture." Make up a fairly sloppy (but still spreadable) version of Butter Icing. Put some Caster Sugar inside, to represent that slightly grainy texture.

12) Arrange wafery waffles in overlapping style, so that they stay together. This will require at least one wafery waffle to be cut in half. Make sure this is done carefully so as not to split it.

13) Stick the three layers of Wafery Waffles together with the Sloppy Grainy Buttery Icing. Leave overnight to dry. Hope it doesn't melt.

14) Return to the Quite Big Pink Wafer in the morning. Find it has dried and looks more magnificent then you ever imagined.

11) Take silly photos of yourselves holding it, while wearing Twinings Sponsored Eye-Masks and exciting looking showerhats

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