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After finding this site, I was obviously bound by law to come up with one of my own. I took a good look round and soon the aim became clear. The humble Pom Bear was just asking to be pimped. I’d like to dedicate this pimp to all my savoury lovin homies out there. Much love.

For this monster project I enlisted the help of my faithful, cap wearing, companion Scott.

Together we are TEAM UBER BEAR.


2 Idiots
A large quantity of potatoes. We later came to realize that we used too many so about 3 really big ones should do it.
200g of butter (or there abouts)
1 sizeable baking tray
1Teddy Bear cake tin
1 free Sunday


We decided to go for presentation rather than attempt a feasibly edible snack. Having closely examined our tiny Pom Bear we thought the best course of action would be to grate the spuds and mold them into the proper shape.

I am less than enthralled about peeling a small mountain of spuds but Scott is pleased with the result.

Next was the grating……….and grating it was. It’s amazing how easy it is to lose a chunk of your hand when performing this simple task. Fear not, only the finest ingredients and body parts go into our Gargantuan Pom Bear.

After the grating was over we were left with a hell of a lot of what can only be described as………….mush. The grated potato had taken on the colour of raw chicken making it slightly unpleasant to handle.

We soldiered on and added the butter to bind the mixture together….god I feel sick.

Remember children, when greasing a pan, there’s nothing like a good dollop of white Flora and a man in a flowery apron.

Next came the wonderful task of shaping our Pom Bear. We poured the rather moist mixture into the tray and, after compressing it and draining the small lake of potato juice that had squelched its way to the surface, placed our tin on the mixture and removed the excess from the outside.

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