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And All Beef Patty 'B' completes Layer Two:

At this point my cat came to see what all the excitement and fat-spitting sounds were about. She didn't seem too thrilled with the gherkin I gave her. Fussy cow.

Feline diversions over, final assembly could begin. The foundation is laid. Then Layer Two is hoisted into position:

And finally the Sesame Seed Crown is carefully positioned. I can barely contain my excitement and camera shake is setting in, although that could be to do with the Bacardi and Coke I'm swigging to calm my nerves. A quick blast from the blow torch helps the cheese at the front to melt in the same way as in the photo:

Pimp Daddy wants one of these

Et voila! The PimpedMac® is complete. In case you find it impossible to tell, the PimpedMac® is on the left of this photo.

and one of these

I did actually buy a real Big Mac™ the previous evening to do a size comparison but regrettably after an several hours' drinking in Manchester I ate it on the way home. Instead I got the trusty ruler and scales out.

9 1/2 inches in diameter and nearly 2kg in weight (without the plate). That's MacTastic! Finally, and although it breaks my heart to do it, the obligatory cutaway photo:

and all of this. yum!

There we have it. Morgan Spurlock eat your heart out!

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