Pimped Happy Meal
by for £6.00

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Step One:
Right so our first step to a Happier Meal is to get some mc pimped ingredients. As typical students we are broke and had to resort to cleaning out eilis' kitchen first of all...a heck load of potatoes, a giant onion, a roll of greaseproof paper and an egg. Then on to Tesco for some Tesco value fun. A fiver for a kg of Tesco's finest meat and 74cent for some bread-making-powder-just add water-flour-thing. Oh and of course we had to pop into mc donald's drive thru to eh..rekindle the classic taste of a happy meal in us.

Step two:
Right so next up some serious ronald mc donald style cooking. We got some guidelines on how to cook mc hamburgers the right way but with a kg of meat in one burger we had to resort to our own cooking initiative. Crack an egg into the meat to help it bind..then lobe the whole lot into a giant frying pan.

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