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Giant Gummi Cola Bottle

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After seeing the Great Gummi Project 2 ( we decided that we wanted to try our own pimp. As the gummi bear had already been done, we settled on a giant Gummi Cola Bottle.

What we used:
approx 2kg of gummi cola bottles
1x 2.25l coke bottle
a variety of sharp objects

The first step into lunacy was finding somewhere that actually sold gummi cola bottles. Sound’s easy, right? Well it took us about an hour of driving between various supermarkets (around 4) until we actually found one that did..! They wouldn’t appear to be in very large supply over here in NZ. Anyway, we damn near cleared them out of gummi, grabbed a bottle of Coke, and headed back to base. Overall our shopping trip cost about $20NZD.

The second step was maticulously cutting all of the cola bottles in half and seperating them, as we wanted to keep the giant version as two colours. This took somewhere near half an hour, with an average of about 3 people working at any given time (as there were 4 of us). After we seperated them, we washed off the sugar to avoid gritty bits in the melting stage.

Next we had to create a mold for the gummi. So we downed the coke, and went about cutting the bottle in half. It was harder than it looked. We cut a small piece of plastic to fit in as a divider between the light and dark sides of the cola bottle.

Step four was the melting process. I wasn’t watching the clock, but it didn’t seem to take too long to get the gummi to a warm goo state. We didn’t want the gummy getting too hot as we feared the plastic may melt or become disformed if the contents was too hot when poured in. I think it should be noted at this point that the smell of melting gummi is THE BEST SMELL EVER.

Once we felt the gummi was at a non-lumpy state, we poured the goo into our mold, being careful not to mix colours. In hindsight, we should have coated the mold with some form of non-sticking agent before doing this, as the removal from the mold was a difficult process. Either way, the pouring went smoothly. Once we had filled both sides we removed the divider and the gummi met nicely with minimal run-over.

Next was to leave the gummi in the fridge to resolidify. It ended up spending nearly 24 hours in the fridge, as we got distracted by various other things, though i’m quite sure it could have been removed from the mold substantially earlier than that.

Finally, the time came, and there was a buzzing excitement in the air. So we massed our troops, and began the epic journey that was removing the gummi from the mold. This process took near to an hour, due to the gummi sticking to the sides (as mentioned earlier..!). We settled on removing strips of plastic as opposed to trying to take the whole thing off at once.

After an hour or so of struggling, we finally removed the final piece from the mold. The villagers rejoiced, and a celebration was held in honour of the delicous looking monster. We then proceeded to coat the giant cola bottle in sugar, to match its smaller counterpart.

…and here we have the final result with the makers, in all its glory!!

Enjoy the mouth watering sensation thats likely to occur, and I hope it entices you to try your own pimp!


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