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Pimped Happy Meal

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Step One:
Right so our first step to a Happier Meal is to get some mc pimped ingredients. As typical students we are broke and had to resort to cleaning out eilis’ kitchen first of all…a heck load of potatoes, a giant onion, a roll of greaseproof paper and an egg. Then on to Tesco for some Tesco value fun. A fiver for a kg of Tesco’s finest meat and 74cent for some bread-making-powder-just add water-flour-thing. Oh and of course we had to pop into mc donald’s drive thru to eh..rekindle the classic taste of a happy meal in us.

Step two:
Right so next up some serious ronald mc donald style cooking. We got some guidelines on how to cook mc hamburgers the right way but with a kg of meat in one burger we had to resort to our own cooking initiative. Crack an egg into the meat to help it bind..then lobe the whole lot into a giant frying pan.

For the bun get your bun bread making kit thing into a bowl, add the recommended amount of water..or like eilis add too much and then run around to other apartments asking for some self-raising flour ha..knead the dough and chuck into a hot oven for some amount of time.

Step three:
The potatoes are peeled and cut up into mc donald shaped chips. The onions are diced the pimped out way and the two of them are cooked in whatever ways we could.

Step four:
Nearing the final hurdle now for a mc happier out the greaseproof paper and started making ourselves some pimped wrappers. The earlier trip to mc donald’s gave us a hand here.

Step five:
Then with everything all cooked we knocked the pan of onions onto the burger, poured as many sachets of ketchup we had onto the bun, put it all together and wrapped it up in our mc packaging.

And there we had it a pimped to the max Mc Happier Meal!

We reckon there’s about 2400 calories in the meat..about 1200 calories in the bun…and maybe about 1000 calories in everything else…so a guesstimate of 4600 calories..needless to say we couldn’t eat it all.


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