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In our minds there is no mightier sweet that represents beautiful England than the Percy Pig. This rare breed of pig lives in the sweet isle of Marks and Spencer’s and sometimes by the checkout. For more info it DOES have a Wikipedia page. Look it up! So yes anyway we decided to PIMP a Percy Pig.

These are the ingredients we used. Sainsbury’s is our supermarket of choice; this is due to walking distance however not any other factors.

We started melting marshmallows in a glass dish over a pan full of water. This turned out to be a sticky business so we hastily moved onto the next stage. We melted about one and a half packets of jelly cubes in the microwave until they were runny. We then added them to the marshmallows on the hob and this seemed to work rather well, if we do say so ourselves (which we do).

We then poured our mixture into a round tin, lined with silver foil. Pretty self explanitory really. To create the snout we made a ring from greaseproof paper and stuck this where we wanted the snout to go. We stuck this in the freezer for a while and then poured some more mixture into the paper to create the effect of the snout sticking out from the pig.

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