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We started the pimp by heading to the local Co-op, disaster struck it was 7:00 pm on a Sunday so we had to take second best and head to the 'smile'. The idea of a doughnut was shot down when we realised they are deep fried. So we ventured inside the store and saw Party rings on offer, cashback! The staple of every child's birthday party but not quite pimping enough. We bought a mixed back of baking equipment, later finding out we only needed the flour, butter and sugar. Heres the stuff,

1kg Flour
500g butter / I cant believe its not butter
300g caster sugar
500g Icing Sugar
1 box of Ribena

So, we kicked off, luckily we had in our midst the single greatest pizza baker Reading has ever seen, so he took charge of the dough. The recipe was found from some Rick guy, quite the recipe guru. The sieving of flour was essential as we mixed in all the flour, butter and sugar, we had to use two bowls due to the sheer scale of the pimp. The butter was solid so we rigged up a cheese grater over pasta to melt it, worked like a charm.After the merging of the balls and some tomfoolery with gravity we began to contemplate the task of shaping the gargantuan ring.

We shaped it well and transferred it to the oven, measures had to be taken to protect the pimp from marauding bears who are partial to over sized snacks.

After the biscuit was a fine golden brown we began to consider the icing, the key feature of any party ring. Due to the tragic lack of food colouring available in smile we turned to our studenting attitude and whacked in some ribena. It turned out better than we had imagined, success.

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