Mother of all Smarties
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This seemed to be a fun one to try as people have done nearly everything there is so far.

8x 200g bars of Tesco chocolate £3.68
Tate & Lyle Royal Icing Sugar 500g £0.99
Plain Flour 500g £0.26 This was for the rolling of the icing
Super Cook Blue Colour £0.21

In the beginning there was no plan. It was a toss up to make the shell first and fill the two halves then glue them together or make two halves glue them together then put the shell on. We decided to go for make it then cover it.

So, 4 bars of chocolate for the first half went in the microwave. And then into the non stick wok.

Then the wok went into the fridge for a while. As for its non stick properties, I don’t want to talk about that. The chocolate was NOT coming out. So it was a case of wok upside down and turn it on. Then apply violence to it until it lets go of its contents. Which it did eventually. This is why the end result was a bit lumpy.

Then more melted chocolate in the wok, let it cool until nearly set drop on the first half. Back into the fridge and now we have the chocolate bit done.

As before upside down and plug it in again to release the smartie. One big smartie shaped lump of chocolate.

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