Mother of all Smarties
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So to not let any chocolate go to waste, add some cornflakes and, BONUS!! I made a few more than this but someone ate them before I got to take the photo. He still wonders how I knew it was him.

The blue shell was going to be tricky. Royal icing and blue colouring. Tell you what, use an electric mixer if you have access to one, this stuff is a bit like stirring concrete.

That is the reason for the flour. To stop the icing sticking to everything. Roll it out and with two spatula thingies and great skill lift the big blue disk up and flop it onto the smartie, then wait a day for it to set enough.

Turn it over and do it again. And here is the result, about 2Kg of smartie. Having weighed a box at 50g with 44 of them inside I’d say they come at about 1 gram each. So at 2000 to 1 that is a BIG smartie. Not sure why it went blotchy. I’ll try not to loose any sleep about that. With all that colouring maybe we won’t sleep for a few days anyway.

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