Monster Ferrero Rocher
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This was when everything got uncontrollably messy. One and a half tubs of Nutella were added, damn that stuff is sticky. Looked fantastic though, it cannot be ignored.

Time to make the other half, here it is being prepared before being fridgified. This time was smooth, we were doing it amazingly, but disaster struck later on. Of course, you must read on to see those incredible chronicles!

Whilst that was solidifying, we checked on the first half. Randomly added nuts and left over wafers. By that time, that half looked a little something like this:

Feeling generally happy, that was replaced in the fridge for later on. The second half which was now fairly solid (or so we thought) was removed. Maybe we were too ambitious and slightly foolish, but shock ensued when the cling film was *apparently* stuck solid, and we could not remove it. However, turning it upside down was the worst decision ever, I now realise. With a little tap on the ass, the whole bleedin’ lot fell flat on its face. Here are the remnants being scraped back into the now buggered second half:

Ironically, this was also a good move, as the cling film had unstuck and it was removed. That rather mashed up half was stuck together to the perfect first half, using left over melted chocolate as glue…

Yes, we know its different colours. Regrettably, we brought 2 bars milk and 1 bar plain chocolate. A rookie mistake, it must be said. Also, yes, it doesn’t look like a Ferrero Rocher, but being the perfectionists that we are, we rummaged around and found a couple of bars of Dairy Milk. They were melted, crushed almonds (weird taste, seriously) were added, now this sticky mess was spread as well as possible around the outside, for effect, ya see. This is our rather perfect finished product, with standard FR for comparison:

A good day for all, it is proving a little difficult to eat though… not suprising really, now weighing in at 1452 grams- a little larger than the standard 12 gram midget!

Happy pimpin’ y’all.

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