Monster Canadian Maple Creme Cookie
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4 – Next, with the precision of a highly trained surgeon… well, at least a marginally good one. We cut along our precision template to get the general shape of the cookie.

5 – The next step is to create the veins for the leaf….. To make the veins, you need a highly technical vein making machine, made by small elves living in the barren wastes of the Canadian north. Since we had neither the time to travel and get one, nor the amount of beer needed to purchase one, we fell back to plan B. Rolling them out by hand.

6 – Cook your newly made cookie in an oven heated to 350 degrees until you receive a sign from the gods that it is done, or until it’s nicely browned (about 20-25min). Repeat for the other side of the cookie.


1 – Beat all ingredients.

2 – Once the ingredients are sufficiently subdued, add them to a bowl, and mix until nice and firm.

3 – Spread icing on the back end of one of the cookies (hee hee… Back End). Next sandwich the two cookies together, et voila! Or pretty good, eh?

4 – Not quite time to eat just yet!<not yet.jpg>

Here you can see a cross section of the original cookie vs. our Pimped out one. All ready to be eaten. As you can see in the background we’re all set for our celebration!

Our Pimped out cookie is 4 times taller, longer and thicker. Its size is equivalent to 96 regular cookies!

Our version has approximately 7200 calories, and 288grams of fat!

Does Pimp that snack help out with dental bills???
(Answer: No)

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