Mince Pie
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The mince pie is now ready to be baked. I am not sure about temperatures for the cooking as we have an arga at my house. In my professional opinion I would say 200C would be about right in terms of temperature. In terms of time, i would say keep checking it until the top is all crispy.

At this point I hope you haven’t made the mistake we did and done all this in a china bowl. Apparently they can explode if placed under extreme heat so we shoved our mince pie in the bottom of the arga to cook slowly over night. If you were smart enough to use proper baking equipment then feel free to put it in on high heat and see what happens.

After a good many hours of cooking (something like 12) the mince pie was finally ready, and what a mince pie it was.

Attempting to remove the pie from the bowl proved difficult, mainly because it cannot support it’s own weight (6kg of mince contained with a puff pastry crust, what did we expect?). With this little difficulty ignored we pressed ahead.

It tastes and great and the mince was stupidly hot. For all those who want to know, the mince pie weighs about 7kg and contains 23830 calories. Happy eating and have a Happy Christmas.

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