MilkyBar Hooge Choo
by for £3.50

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5x White Chocolate Buttons
1x Strawberry Laces
1x Milky Bar Choo
2x BIG Vanilla Fudge Bars

We decided to create a Milky Bar Hooge Choo!!!! Only to impress all you Pimp Mystros.

So I took my wallet (as usual) and my lady took the choice of the ingredients using her "Cooking Brain", and popped through those automatic doors at the Co-Op.

Once inside we found 3 packets of assorted sweets for £1, picking up 5 packets of White Chocolate Buttons and 1 packet of Strawberry Shoelaces.
After searching the many isles we found zero FUDGE! So off we went down to Londis (the green shop) to pick up 2 BIG BARS OF FUDGE for £1.30. Returning to my humble abode to create this masterpiece.

I sat down under the weight of my idea, to take a breather. After regaining thought, i searched through the many cupboards for a happily sized dish. Only to find Oversized bowls, I sat and pondered over my dilema. But my darling revealed to me another brilliant idea, "It was obvious... Clingfilm" she said. I was amazed. Of Corse, After using a bottle of my favourite squash to wrap the clingfilm and make a more capable sized mold for the dream of mine.

Looking at other ideas i decided that the best way to melt chocolate was over boiling water. It was very efficient.

Well the hardest bit was yet to come we had to pour the white chocolate first making sure we covered the mold completely, followed by the melted(ish) fudge.

It turned out like this:

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